Terms and Conditions

Detail Kings seeks to provide the best complete detailing service experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering our services and point out some of the terms and conditions of our business criteria. We hope you will find these policies listed below helpful and informative in explaining the extent of our auto detailing services. 

By scheduling any service with Detail Kings you hereby agree to all terms listed on said agreement. 

  1. We require full payment when the vehicle is collected.
  2. We require the entire day (08:00 – 17:00) in order to fully detail a vehicle.
  3. Please remove all personal belongings, money and other significant items from your vehicle prior to any type of detailing.
  4. Due to child safety, we will not remove or replace car seats under any circumstances. We ask that our clients remove car seats and booster seats before we arrive. Should the car seat be left in the vehicle we will do our best to clean around the car seat but can’t promise your total satisfaction. 
  5. Pet hair and sand are two of the toughest items to remove from a vehicle with normal vacuuming. The removal of either element is not guaranteed with any of our service offerings. However, on most occasions, we are successful at removing visual traces of both elements. 
  6. A minimum of 10% surcharge will be applied to all jobs that involve excessive pet hair, urine, vomit, blood, faeces, or other hazardous materials. 
  7. We make no promises when it comes to the removal of stains and/or odours from vehicles. We aim to please so we will try our best. Please be aware that some upholstery and carpets are beyond cleaning and may not completely clean up as expected. Some stains are permanent. We may consult you on what can and cannot be done in regards to your vehicle’s interior. 
  8. When it comes to windows we try to be our best. But from time to time and depending on temperatures windows may have a film. Please allow the car to cool and then take a microfibre towel and wipe the film off if you see streaks. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
  9. We are not responsible for damage due to heavily soiled, stained or damaged interior components, such as dash buttons and steering column buttons and knobs. Such areas may be so caked with dirt, grime, and makeup that cleaning may result in these buttons and knobs losing their markings. 
  10. The headliner / interior roof is gently cleaned, however, there may be remaining stains. The glue used for headliners will start to release if cleaned more aggressively or with stronger cleaners. Please understand that headliners may not come completely clean due to this reason. If you choose to clean them at your own risk, they may look clean but will sag over time due to the glue being compromised. 
  11. We do not use harsh cleaning products on any interior or exterior areas. All of our products are safe and do not chemically damage carpets, leather, vinyl, plastic, painted, clear coated, or chrome surfaces. 
  12. We are not responsible for baked-on brake dust that cannot be completely removed either on the surface or deep within the wheel. Some wheels are beyond cleaning and may need to be repaired or replaced. 
  13. Bird droppings, bug splatter, sap, and tar will chemically etch into your vehicles paintwork if left for a period of time. This will result in a deep chemical mark on the paintwork that may need additional work to safely remove. In some case, the mark cannot be removed completely without comprising the clear coat.
  14. We are not responsible for stone chips and any scratches as a result of stone chips.
  15. Exterior black or grey, textured or smooth trim pieces may be beyond restoring and will have to be replaced. We try our best to restore the plastic to its original colour. 
  16. Any wax, sealant or coating not properly cared for will not last it’s intended durability length. We recommend safely hand washing or using Detail Kings maintenance washes. 
  17. We respect your time and personal property and we will be polite and courteous at all times.

16.1. However, we reserve the right to refuse, deny or continue with any service if we deem the customer to be unreasonable. 

16.2. We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions should any such behaviours be encountered. 

  1. Please inspect your vehicle before you leave our premises as we have no control over what may happen to your vehicle when you leave. We will not be liable if a client gets home and accuses us of any scratches or damage or dirt that is reported that we did not clean properly. Please advise us of anything that you are unhappy with before you leave our premises so that we can attend to these in real-time. 
  2. Please note that our R999 detail special does not include paint correction (removal of fine scratches and swirl marks) and interior deep cleaning (i.e. extraction services). 
  3. Please note that Detail Kings Auto Shop Pty. Ltd will not be liable for any theft of your vehicle while it is at our premises. We will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle that was originally there, and if there is any damage to your vehicle that is not of fault from our team. I.e. Someone colliding with your vehicle at our premises or hail damage, etc.

Please read the below to understand what is involved with our services and the R999 Detail Special. 

Interior Detailing: 

  • ~Carpets, mats and upholstery (if applicable) are vacuumed and deep cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and steamed. All matts are extracted 
  • ~All plastic, vinyl, and leather is scrubbed and steamed if necessary, then dressed with a water-based protectant leaving a natural finish.  
  • ~Interior glass is cleaned thoroughly. 
  • ~Door jambs, trunk lid, and under the hood (windshield cowl) are cleaned and dried and rubber seals protected.
  • ~ Leather interior is treated with a conditioner.

Exterior Detailing: 

  • ~Exterior is thoroughly washed, decontaminated to remove fallout, bonded grit and iron particles. 
  • ~Paintwork is hand dried using a special drying cloth and blown dry with an air blower.
  • ~ Paintwork is clay barred to remove any further contaminants.
  • ~ Engine bay is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a trim protectant.
  • ~Paintwork is protected with a Meguairs wax applied with a dual action polisher to add gloss and protection. 
  • ~Chrome is polished and protected. 
  • ~All plastics and rubber seals are cleaned and protected. 
  • ~Wheels and tires are deep cleaned, scrubbed, and dried. Tires are dressed with a water-based dressing resulting in a natural finish that’s dry to the touch and does not sling. As an additional service: Painted and chrome wheels are protected.
  • ~Exterior glass is cleaned thoroughly. 
  • ~Door jambs, trunk lid, and under the hood (windshield cowl) are cleaned and dried and rubber seals protected. 

Our polishing process is a Paint Enhancement service meant to add gloss and reduce some swirls, hazing, and oxidation on the paintwork. 

Please note that with our R999 special detail – we do not offer paint correction. Kindly set your expectations correctly as we will not perform a paint correction at the special price. We will not perform an interior deep extraction at the special price.