Paint Correction in Bedfordview 

Detail Kings provides professional paint correction services in Bedfordview whereby we use only the
best chemical such as Meguairs and its counterparts.

We are specialists in car polishing, paint correction in Bedfordview and paint protection including
professional ceramic coating applications. In addition to these services, we also provide the

  • Headlight restoration
  • Vehicle disinfection
  • Engine bay detail and chassis cleaning
  • Full car wash is included
  • Interior detailing and leather cleaning & treatment

Paint correction is the process of removing surface scratches on your vehicle's paintwork to
ensure that it is as perfect as possible, while removing a minimal amount of clear coat.

We offer multiple levels of paint correction that can suit anyone’s budget and based on what
their expectations are in the car detailing.

We offer a single stage paint correction in bedfordview which should remove up to 70% of the swirl
marks on the vehicles paintwork, as well as any oxidisation or water spotting damage. This can
potentially be topped up using a wax or a ceramic coating.

We offer a service whereby we can do a full paint correction that will be used to restore your
paint surface to as perfect as possible.

The methods that we employ for paint correction and the products that we make use of have
been refined over the years to allow us to deliver the best paint correction services in Bedfordview.

Our paint correction services in sandton is also mobile so that we can detail your vehicle at your
work or home.

All of our paint correction packages in sandton include all of the general car detailing to ensure
that your Vehicle's exterior services are looking as healthy as possible. We then treat all
trimmings, wheels, wheel barrels, glass and any metal aspects of the car.

We are car detailing specialists in Bedfordview and for paint correction and strive to deliver the best
outcome possible for your vehicle using our skills and experience.

Specialist  in Car Detailing 

Specialists in car polishing, paint correction and paint protection including professional ceramic coating applications. In addition, we also offer other detailing related services such as

  • Full service car wash
  • Valet, engine detail and chassis cleaning
  • Interior detailing and leather treatment
  • Headlight restoration
  • Vehicle disinfection (using medically approved chemicals and equipment).

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