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Did you know?
Detail kings can maintain & restore your cars original shine and lustre!
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Did you ever wonder why your paintwork becomes dull and then starts to fade?

A. Hair-line scratches, & surface contaminants are one of the elements on newer vehicles.

B. Oxidisation (also called ‘Chalking’):
This occurs when exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

When oxidisation starts the previously smooth painted surface breaks down & dirt collects and hardens here.
When using a microscope Oxidisation looks like ‘canyons’ where dirt collects & cannot be removed by washing only.
The only way to fix this is by polishing them in different specialised techniques that will return the surfaces back to being a smooth Finish instead.

If Ever you in or around Johannesburg make use of our services

Detail Polishing

Car Detailed services will includes:

Clay treatment e.g standard paint decontamination
Intensive Correction e.g scratch and swirl removal and Higher Gloss
Detailed polishing e.g using mini 3 inches & micro 1 inches buffers for higher detailing
Other Detail e.g the glass & mirrors, exhaust and the wheels etc.
Detailed Paint protection

Polishing Without Any Detailing
Will Includes the following:
Basic wash includes wheels
Wheels dressing
Just a light vacuum and dash & console wiping relevant polish formula with No clay

Specialist  in Car Detailing 

Specialists in car polishing, paint correction and paint protection including professional ceramic coating applications. In addition, we also offer other detailing related services such as

  • Full service car wash
  • Valet, engine detail and chassis cleaning
  • Interior detailing and leather treatment
  • Headlight restoration
  • Vehicle disinfection (using medically approved chemicals and equipment).

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