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Easily schedule your car cleaning on your computer or mobile device. Send us a WhatsApp, give us a call or send us an email and we will arrange a date to detail your vehicle.

Bring Your Vehicle To Our Premises

After you schedule a cleaning, our professional car detailers will be ready to schedule in your vehicle in at our premises.

Pay Digitally & Enjoy Your Clean Car

Once your car is sparkling clean, you can pay for and rate our service with the click of a few buttons. Our goal is to make your experience both simple and enjoyable.

Auto Detailing Services

By simplifying our services down to 4 packages, we are able to provide professional-grade quality. Whether it’s a simple wash, vacuum, and wax; or it’s a deep steam cleaning and clay bar treatment, our auto detailers will exceed your expectations and leave a smile on your face!

  • Complete Car Detailing
  • 100% Satisfaction
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Proven Quality

At Detail Kings Detailing, we take our work seriously. We get into every nook and cranny and ensure that your paint work feels like silk.


Car washing, interior cleaning, waxing, you name it! All of our products are sourced from well known companies (Meguairs, Auto Glym, Auto DNA, Menzerna, etc.) and are the highest quality on the market! Our auto detailers are well trained and have a strong understanding of how to perform the perfect auto detail. From the washing and drying of the paint, to the vacuuming of the interior, our team is focused on making your vehicle look brand new and keeping it sanitised throughout the year!

Want to Book Online?

Our online booking system is meant to make your life easier. Enquire on our website and we will contact you in a means most convenient to you to ensure that you enjoy the simplicity of booking your vehicle in with Detail Kings.


Auto detailing should be nearby, easy to book, and effortless for you to enjoy. Our mobile auto detailing services are built around making it simple for the everyday person to receive high quality auto detailing in their own driveway! Getting your car cleaned through us will take 5 minutes to book, and we do the rest! 


We’re transitioning to eco friendly products and systems that allow us to play our role in going green. We are not completely 100% eco friendly, but it is our goal to get as close to eco friendly as possible. We also steer clear of toxic, harsh chemical products. Keep an eye out as we add new services that benefit our customers and the surrounding ecosystems.

We Are Able to Provide Professional Grade Quality to Local Car Owners No Matter What Your Location Is!

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