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We try our best to get your car looking new again.

Using high end chemicals and professional methods.

Wheel Detailing

Engine Bay Detailing

Full Interior Detail

How easy it is to book your car in with Detail Kings?  

Schedule your detailing using the website, through Facebook, via email or Whatsapp.

We come to you or you come to us. We take your car for the entire day and you get it back looking new.

Pay us when the job is done. We like to do a photoshoot of your vehicle before you arrive for you too. 

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"If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll fix it for free.
I'll even detail your car myself if that keeps you as one of our valued clients." ~Garry Meston

Detail Kings has removed complicated car wash pricing boards and created three car details that include everything you need to leave your car sparkling!

And we can do them anywhere - we are fully mobile and come to you at a small call out fee.

Detail Kings Famous Detail Special

Included is the following (Using Meguiars & other high end products)

Interior Detailing:

  • Carpets, mats and upholstery (if applicable) are vacuumed and deep cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and steamed. All mats are extracted.
  • All plastic, vinyl, and leather is scrubbed and steamed if necessary, then dressed with a water-based protectant leaving a natural finish. 
  • Interior glass is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Door jambs, trunk lid, and under the hood (windshield cowl) are cleaned and dried and rubber seals protected.
  • Leather interior is treated with a conditioner.

Exterior Detailing:

  • Exterior is thoroughly washed, decontaminated to remove fallout, bonded grit and iron particles.
  • Paintwork is hand dried using a special drying cloth and blown dry with an air blower. 
  • Paintwork is clay barred to remove any further contaminants.
  • Engine bay is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a trim protectant.
  • Paintwork is protected with a Meguairs wax applied with a dual action polisher to add gloss and protection.
  • Chrome is polished and protected.
  • All plastics and rubber seals are cleaned and protected.
  • Wheels and tires are deep cleaned, scrubbed, and dried. Tires are dressed with a water-based dressing resulting in a natural finish that's dry to the touch and does not sling. As an additional service: Painted and chrome wheels are protected. 
  • Exterior glass is cleaned thoroughly.
  • Door jambs, trunk lid, and under the hood (windshield cowl) are cleaned and dried and rubber seals protected.  

R999 + R250 SUV/4WD


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