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Auto Detailing Services
That Come To You

We keep things simple. We use high-quality auto detailing supplies, send professional auto detailers to your home or workplace, and perform top-notch services at your convenience!

By simplifying our services down to 4 packages, we are able to provide professional-grade quality to local car owners no matter what your location is! Whether it’s a simple wash, vacuum, and wax; or it’s a deep steam cleaning and clay bar treatment, our auto detailers will exceed your expectations and leave a smile on your face!

We started detailing vehicles in 2018 and have detailed thousands of cars since then. We service the entire Gauteng region! Most of our customers are in the East Rand, JHB North, Pretoria areas; but we will come to you! Just tell us where to go.


Where Are You Located?

We are a 100% mobile business. We come to your location, whether it be your home or your work, and service the vehicle while you are comfortable in your own environment.

Do You Offer Same-Day Detail Service?

Currently Detail Kings operates on a Friday and a Saturday. Slots are limited!

Do You Offer Engine Bay Cleaning?

We do offer engine bay detailing. We do get the engine bay wet as we do a complete grease removal process to remove unwanted grime and build up.

Do You Restore Headlights?

We can offer headlight restoration, however, we would need to see the condition of the headlights before we start the process. Some headlights aren't repairable.

Can You Restore Paint And/or Paint Damage?

We can assist with a process called paint correction. We however cannot fix damaged clear coat or paint. We can help remove the effects of swirl marks so that they are not as evident as they were before.

Do You Offer Wax, Polish, or Buffing as a Service?

Yes, absolutely. This is our speciality. When we are done with our polishing process on your vehicle, your car will almost look like a mirror.  

Want to Book Online?

Our online booking system is meant to make your life easier. Take a look at our availability and schedule a detail at your convenience!

We Are Able to Provide Professional Grade Quality to Local Car Owners No Matter What Your Location Is!

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